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Designed to service our client's requirements

Bespoke solutions created for every client

We offer a complete planning and advice service for our all our clients - we can organise and manage your project every step of the way, starting with your specific requirement, right through to the safe delivery of your tool to the rig floor. We will make sure your job runs smoothly, efficiently and with a focus on cost reduction.

Experienced in the field - Titan Torque has set the standard, we are recognised by our peers as being the best at what we do, and have continued to be at the forefront of torque technology for over seven years. We are the torque industry experts.

Trust Titan Torque, we deliver.


Fully rotational torque machine


  • Designed for fast and accurate, horizontal make-up and break-out of premium threaded connections

  • The FULL ROTATIONAL TORQUE machine has been designed with the ever changing industry requirements for more accurate data, cost and time-saving

  • Low torque ability as standard circa. 100 ft lb

  • Automated self-leveling tool support jacks

  • Hydraulically fully floating heads - no need for additional utilities i.e. compressed air

  • Multiple graph overlay and make-up trend - instantly highlights any anomalies in make-up


  • Fully loading head and tailstock allows for any pipe deflection without damaging threads

  • Top open tailstock option allows safe, efficient loading and unloading of tubulars

  • Low hydraulic working pressure

  • Standalone hydraulic power pack that can be situated outside away from the torque machine

  • Electronic control desk

  • Make up / Break out torque capability of 120,000 ft lbs

  • Extendable clamping jaws that grip the machine’s entire pipe range without the requirement to change jaws

  • Capable of clamping from 2 3/8” - 24” in diameter


HT14200 Torque System


  • The High Torque 14:200 is a rugged, self-contained machine designed to accurately make -up or break out the threaded connections on tubular components up to 14 inches in diameter

  • Eliminates the use of chain tongs and vices improving safety

  • Extended bed to allow a wider range of BHA requirements to be assembled

  • Tool spinner to assist in controlled make up or break out – approximately 1500-2000ft/lbs

  • The Torque unit provides a safer and more controlled environment for the off-line assembly and break out of downhole equipment


  • Capable of clamping 2.375 – 14” in diameter

  • Torque make up 160,000ft/lbs

  • Torque break out 200,000ft/lbs

  • The power pack contains the hydraulic oil tank, electric motor, oil cooler, hydraulic controls and gauges

  • Electronic control desk

  • Low hydraulic working pressure / hose ratio

  • Extendable clamping jaws capable of gripping the entire pipe range without the requirement to change jaws

  • Top open tailstock allowing for safe, efficient loading and unloading of equipment

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TitanTorque Stats
TitanTorque Stats
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