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Proving pressure testing onshore for reduced risk offshore

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing


At Titan Torque we understand that hydrostatic testing is an essential part of critical component testing, proving the integrity of the design, material quality and sealing elements to ensure longevity and reliability.

Placing safety and quality at the heart of everything we do while working closely with our customers allows us to be flexible and adaptable, offering innovative solutions to individual testing requirements.

We have a new fully enclosed test bay which has the capacity to perform hydrostatic testing up to 15,000 PSI, and this along with our existing fully enclosed modular testing containers enables us to pressure test a wide range of subsea and surface equipment in our Aberdeen facility.

All work is monitored and recorded using digital pressure, temperature and flow transducers enabling detailed post-test analysis to be carried out.

TitanTorque pressure testing
Pressure testing gauge


  • Titan’s modular hydrostatic test bay has the capacity to test tools up to 45ft in length and 2ft in diameter

  • This fully enclosed system allows us to test to 10,000psi or 700bar

  • The test bay can operate with the Titan Kronos allowing us to safely apply compression or tension to tools being tested

  • Our static test bay can test tools up to 8ft x 8ft x 10ft and up to 15,000psi


  • Modular system of 27ft x 27ft allowing the options to expand if client needs change

  • Multi camera video recording streamed onto a large screen TV

  • Fully traceable Digital output

  • Multi point quick lock secure system

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