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an innovative, efficient and safer method for decommissioning projects

Slot Jet Isolate (SJI™) is a patented multi-purpose mechanical slotting system designed to improve the overall efficiency of decommissioning projects. The SJI™ system optimises the conventional methods for the P&A of wells.

To improve efficiencies, reduce costs and exposure in the Plug and Abandonment (P&A) market the Slot Jet Isolate (SJI™) tool has been developed to overcome the existing challenges with the incumbent methods.

The SJI™ is designed to run in the well to the desired depth and initially slot the casing whilst jetting the slots at the same time cleaning up the outside of the casing. Once the casing has been suitably slotted and cleaned the tool can then fully wash the casing and place the isolation material both outside and inside the casing to create the complete P&A barrier.


  • Repeatable hydro-mechanical multi-use slotting, jetting, and isolation system

  • Single trip system

  • One bladed design to slot one casing string

  • Large TFA per activation

  • HPHT compliant

  • Proven reliable execution method

  • Variable blades depending on operation, provide slot or stand-off

  • Key performance indicators at the surface during execution

  • Slotted length/depth can be changed in the hole (no waiting for log interpretation)

SJI Technology Plug & Abandonment

No explosives

No sump required 

No permits required



Pipe Conveyed

Coil Tubing

Wire Deployed


Slot Jet Isolate (SJI™)

Formation Integrity

Environmental Plug


Slotting Tool

Jetting Sub

Isolation Sub

Assembled Downwards- Without Shear Out Sub_edited.png


Tool Size

Casing Size

Upper Connection

Lower Connection

5 ¾” SJI™

7” +

NC38 Box

NC38 Pin
8 ¼” SJI™
9 5/8” +
NC50 Box
NC50 Pin
12 ¼”” SJI™
13 3/8” +
NC50 Box
NC50 Pin
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