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servicing tools to our client specific requirements

Our Aberdeen workshop is busy continually servicing our clients' equipment, with assistance from our multiple torque units, capable of servicing both API and premium thread connections. 

Backed by Titan Torque's ability to service, test and repair down-hole equipment, Titan Tools stock a full suite of under-reamers, motors, jars, accelerators & shock subs to suit all hole sizes and applications.

Our servicing is based on the clients’ specific requirements,

  • Un-torquing of all outer components top sub to stator, stator to vent sub, bent sub to outer bearing house, outer bearing house to outer bearing mandrel. 

  • Un-torquing of all internal components rotor adapter to rotor and bearing adapter to bearing mandrel

  • Thoroughly deep clean all parts

  • All components are then fully inspected by third party inspectors

  • Replace all consumables with new

  • Assemble mandrel, outer bearing mandrel and outer bearing housing together and fill with oil

  • Assemble the remainder of the tool and torque to the required figure

  • Ready for load out and offshore deployment


TitanTorque tool servicing
Motor servicing
Motor tool servicing




Flow open safety valves
Flow open safety valves tool servicing
Flow open safety valves TitanTorque
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