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Titan Torque Aberdeen - Our story, our facility and our team

At Titan Torque we specialise in the onshore make-up and break-out, hydrostatic testing and decommissioning services of oilfield equipment to suit individual rig capabilities and customer requirements.


Our story begins in 2008, when Titan Torque established itself in the marketplace and brought to market specific onshore processes designed to reduce costs, reduce risk and improve productivity. Our unique and innovative solutions has placed Titan Torque Services Ltd at the fore, where we are now recognised as the industry standard by our peers.

As an owner-operated company we offer high levels of flexibility and have the ability to make quick decisions. We have a loyal and long standing customer base, who are our top priority. They are the basis for our sustainable business success.

A proven track record, experience and knowledge of the industry means we offer our clients a complete service. From project creation, through to delivery of your equipment to the rig floor, we take care of all sourcing, make-up and testing, right through to the break-down and return of components on completion.

Through our quality and safety-led onshore operation and by continually challenging and evolving systems and processes, Titan Torque can reduce your costs, increase your productivity and minimise risk on rig floor. By carrying out precision torque work on your valuable equipment in our controlled onshore facility, any problems found with the equipment won’t cost rig time or affect productivity.

We do this job so you can do yours.


Keith Gaskin TitanTorque
Bruce Jepp TitanTorque
Darren Chapman TitanTorque
George TitanTorque

Keith Gaskin
Managing Director

Bruce Jepp
Business Director

Darren Chapman
Operations Director

George Clark
Finance Director


TitanTorque dyce aberdeen facility


  • Located near the harbour in Aberdeen Titan has ensured that we have the facilities available to tackle any challenges that our customers may have

  • A multi torque, multi crane, multi access facility with 3 forklifts, in-house transport company with a full range of equipment to ensure safer and cost-effective rig time for our customers

  • ISO9001:2015 accreditation for all the services we supply

  • Over 100 years of torque and torque related experience


  • Multiple torque units that can service both API and premium thread connections

  • Hydrostatic testing facilities up to 10,000psi

  • 75ft multi jack ram system that can push 32T and pull 28T. Suitable for tools ranging from 4½” -36”

  • 2 x 10T overhead gantry cranes

  • 15T forklift

  • 12T side loader

  • 3T forklift

  • Transport available

  • Stock of cargo baskets for shipping


  • Established culture where the customer comes first

  • No limits regarding size or length of equipment, limitations are in the safe transportation of equipment to and from our facility

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are in a bind, we are here to help

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